A Little History

Altid started out under the name ubqt; a pun on ubiquity, which is what the project was trying to provide for applications.

Unfortunately, the name was very common, and to avoid legal issues in the future a new name had to be selected. Studying Danish, I learned the word Altid , meaning Always; and it seemed like a perfect fit for a name.

About Us

Currently the efforts of a single programmer, with some feedback from friends and family Altid is working towards full non-profit status, and pending funding will bring in specialists in accessibility, user interface design, etc

Meet Our Developers
Image Name Role Summary

Mike (Halfwit)

Lead Dev

Mike grew up in British Columbia, Canada and has been working on/around computers his whole life. He wants to help create systems that empower every user, making technology that helps, not just technology that becomes something else to do.

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